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Merchants Shebeen

By Joy Kitheka

Originally published By B-Guided.co.za on 29 August 2013

Detail: press release article promoting the launch of Merchants Shebeen

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Anticipate an aura of Afro-grunge sweep across Lower Long on weekends as Merchant’s Shebeen, a tavern for the daring and designer, smears the streets with its idiosyncratic swagger.

Merchants Shebeen is an unconventional African Shebeen and an extension of the enchanting Merchants on Long concept store. Experience a whole new dynamic of layered energy as Cape Town’s trendiest grind to the bumps and beats of contemporary African and throwback 90’s rock tunes beneath the enigmatic neon light.

Merchants Shebeen aims to push the conventions of street chic to its grungiest limits by fusing quirky and retro. Drawing inspiration from cross-continental Africa to Mississippi’s Dive bars, indulge your senses in the sinful sounds and tastes of the clatter and clam that is Merchants Shebeen.

Doors Open:
Thursday & Fridays: 5pm ‘til close
Saturdays: 5pm ‘til close.

“Cape Town’s most enchanting concept store” – Arise Magazine

33 Long Street
021 422 2828