My Story

A Writer at Heart


I’ve employed my rather vivid and curious imagination from a young age, questioning everything around me while creating infinite worlds of wonder within my young, restless mind. Ever searching for the right avenue to express myself in a world that always seemed quite foreign to me, I found solace in the faded lines of my journal. Writing was my escape, my freedom, my saviour, my bane, my torturer, my fear, my joy. Writing is the gift that allowed me to unleash a cascade of thoughts onto a safe sheet of blank paper; it was a portal into the vastness of my soul. Yet still, writing remains everything that I must overcome in order to release my inner wildness and reach my personal haven.

My love for writing lead me to pursue a brief career in journalism, writing articles for audiences that enjoy travel, fashion, and entertainment. Besides wallowing in the cosmic corridors of my mind, I love decorating and finding new ways to express myself creatively in my free-time.